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FAQ 2016-10-25T02:39:26+00:00
What is the most effective and safe carpet cleaning method? 2016-10-25T02:39:29+00:00
There are many carpet cleaning methods such as dry cleaning, shampooing and encapsulation etc. But Hot Water Extraction cleaning is the most effective deep restorative cleaning method that is recommended by the major carpet manufacturers and carpet cleaning experts alike.
Tell me about your preferred payment method and payment method? 2015-09-30T08:30:20+00:00

Full payment must be made at sight unless you have made any prior payment agreement. (Discount applicable for cash/online payment made at sight). If you wish to pay cash you can directly pay to our crew or else make sure you paid online (bank payment details – BNZ acct#   02-1206-0072258-000 ).  If you prefer credit/debit card payment: Prior to cleaning you can give us your card details (3.4%processing charge apply) or else give it to our cleaning crew and you will receive a prompt a email or text receipt.

How often should I get my carpets to be cleaned? 2015-09-30T08:30:10+00:00

Our recommendation is to clean the carpet in every 12-18 months to keep a healthy indoor air quality. If you have pets or kids you should consider getting a professional cleaning in every 6 months or less.  Unclean carpet can be contaminated by micro organisms, carpet mites, dead skins, poisonous substances that are in the atmosphere or the dirt on the shoes that we carry everyday can cause allergy, asthma or other serious and permanent health problems.

Can you give us a 100% stain removal guarantee? 2015-09-30T09:14:41+00:00

We can virtually remove any spots but not all permanent stains. Carpet manufactures have been meticulously researching to produce a viable fiber that is 100% stain resistant. So new generation carpet fibers are more stain resistant but still no carpet manufactures are yet come up with a 100% stain resistant carpet. So no one (professional) can give a 100% stain removal guarantee, especially if the stains contain any permanent dye.

We have a very good success rate in removing stains, in few occasions we removed some of the thoroughest stains that are considered nearly impossible to remove.
Our stain removal process: We do an initial assessment and we will inform you the % of removal chance, based on that you can decide whether you want us to try and treat, before you go ahead and remove or replace, the carpet. But if we think the stains are 100% permanent, we don’t try unless you insist.

How long does the carpet cleaning process take? 2016-10-25T02:39:29+00:00

Actual cleaning time depend upon the the area or item to be cleaned and the type of the cleaning process. Please see the below table for a general overview (actual time may vary according to the conditions).

 Area/Item  Averge Time  Total
 Set Up & Inspection  45min  45min
 3-Rooms Carpet Cleaning  20min each area/room  1hr
 2 Stain Removal Treatment  30min each stain  1hr
 3 Seater Sofa Cleaning  20min each seat  1hr
Total  3.45hrs
How long will it take to dry? 2016-10-25T02:39:29+00:00


Drying time is determined by the humidity, air movement, temperature and carpet type. If you assist drying, carpet would be dry within couple of hours. Otherwise it may take longer, up to a day or two. We highly RECOMMEND you to assist the drying by weather permitting (open windows and doors), using Air conditioner, Dehumidifier and Fan where it is possible.

Do I need to do anything before or after the cleaning? 2016-10-25T02:39:29+00:00


We kindly recommend you to do a light vacuuming if possible (Also after the cleaning once it completely dried). You may want to remove any small items from the cleaning area.

Weather permitting for Carpet drying

It is very IMPORTANT to assist the drying by weather permitting (open windows and doors), using Air conditioner, Dehumidifier and Fan



You can walk on the carpet straight after the cleaning but take good care to avoid any re-soiling from your street shoes.

Furniture carpet stain-1-resized-600 (1)

Furniture can cause stain on the damp carpet, protective plastic pads are need to be placed under the furniture to avoid any staining


Damp carpet can be slippery. Please be careful when using stairs and also when walking from the freshly cleaned carpet to any hard surface.

What is “hot water extraction” (Steam) carpet cleaning? 2016-10-25T02:39:29+00:00


Hot Water Extraction (generally referred as Steam Cleaning) is a method in which hot water along with high pressured cleaning or rinsing solution is sprayed into the carpet fibers and simultaneously vacuumed it out along with all dirt and derbies using a powerful extractor. The result will be, the most thoroughly cleansed

carpet and the remaining moister or dampness in the carpet will be completely dry in few hours. This method is highly effective to remove soils, pollutants and residue from most of the soft (carpets, area rugs, upholstery, drapes and mattresses) and the hard surfaces (tile and grout) that are recommended for wet washing. So the professional hot water extraction cleaning method is suggested and endorsed by the majority of cleaning experts and carpet manufactures as the best overall way of safe and effective cleaning. At Apex Carpet Cleaning we use this cleaning method to make your carpet and upholstery look like new.

Do you move furniture? 2016-10-25T02:39:29+00:00

We suggest, if you can, move your furniture out of the cleaning surfaces before we arrive.  We don’t mind moving* few small furniture like dining table chairs as long as there is enough space in the room to comfortably and safely work around. If you would like us to move medium size or big furniture or your room is cluttered with small/big furniture then you need to specify it when you make your booking, so as to arrange one extra person to accompany the technician. Generally, we don’t move electric appliances, heavy furniture like piano, art works, devotional items, heavy bed, glass items or any decorative clay items ect., We will give a great deal of attention and care when we working inside or out of your house, but still if there is any delicate or glass items that is prone to damage, especially it is on the way / if need to work around it / if it need to move, please advise us.
If there is any heavy furniture that need to be moved by us, we can do but with special prior request only. 

*Please discuss with us while you making your booking, if you have any furniture that you want us to move, there could be an additional charge for moving furniture.