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Professional carpet cleaning in Auckland

Got dirty carpet, upholstery and mattress?

Please take a moment to think about how this may affect the value and life of your investment, but most importantly consider, how this may affect your health and reputation.

But don’t worry, with our powerful steam cleaner, we clean, sanitize and restore your rugs and carpet so as to bring a fresh look and breathe a new life into your carpet and furniture.

Book a professional carpet cleaning now!

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Jennifer Burgess
Jennifer Burgess
07:40 18 Sep 17
Very courteous and friendly service. Bency really wanted to please us and did a perfect clean then offered to do a large mat as well, which was not in his quoted price. We were delighted and of course insisted on paying him for the extra work. Overall his price was most reasonable anyway. We would definitely use this Company's services again and would sooner wait for them if necessary, rather than risk a lesser job with another operator. Well done!
Waimirirangi Koopu Stone
Waimirirangi Koopu Stone
01:43 30 Aug 17
My experience with Benz and the Apex Carpet Cleaning team was nothing short of professional. They were well in communication and responded to my query promptly. On delivery of the job, Benz was very sure in his approach to ensure everything was taken care of, he was very professional and made sure the job was done thoroughly. I was extremely happy with his services and he left our home smelling amazing. Would definitely recommend and book with Apex services again.
Jeanette Doidge
Jeanette Doidge
09:17 30 Aug 17
Benz did a fantastic job cleaning the carpet, rugs and chair at my place. Very friendly and professional. Lovely to use a business in my area. I would not hesitate to recommend him and would definitely use him again. Thanks Benz
Love Drake
Love Drake
04:28 29 May 17
I am very satisfied with Apex Carpet Cleaning by Benz who did a fantastic job with the carpet cleaning at the property I was moving out from. I personally thought that with the help of the carpet cleaning, we have left the rental property at a better condition than when we first moved in and even the landlord agreed. So thank you very much for your hard work. Kind regards, Love Drake
Bindhu Abraham
Bindhu Abraham
08:50 11 Jan 17
Very Professional and Good service. The carpets were beautifully cleaned and has given more life to it. Highly recommended. A+.
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Why Carpet cleaning auckland - apexClean?

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Whether you want a single room in your house or a whole floor of office carpets professionally steam cleaned and sanitized, call the best Carpet Cleaners in Auckland - ApexClean!

  • Free Carpet Spot Removal.
  • Free Carpet deodorising included.
  • Advanced Professional Carpet Stain Treatment.
  • No extra charge for moving basic furniture.
  • You can choose either steam carpet cleaning or dry carpet cleaning.
  • We Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products that is Safe for Babies and Pets.
  • We Provide Quick Drying Assistance.

Are you going to hire a carpet cleaning company? Please stop for a moment to think about it.

Imagine… a carpet cleaning company offers you a price that is so cheap… sounds wonderful!... Don’t you agree?  But wait…. What if the cheap price results in a worst quality job with harsh chemicals that could cause lasting damage to your health, damaging your carpet, causing a lot of stress and costing a lot of money to replace or fix it?  What if the good looking technician turns out to be an unethical and untrained cowboy?

So I think you would agree that it is important to screen and find out the best possible cleaning service, don't you? If so asking few questions can assist you to gauge the quality of service you are going to get. This will probably help you to avoid stress and help you to take an informed decision.

Find out the answers for the following questions before you hire a carpet or area rug cleaning company.

  • What if my home isn’t cleaned the way I want?

It’s essential that a carpet cleaning service guarantees its services in writing. A written contract will ensure they follow through on their guarantees. You don’t want them cutting any corners when it comes to cleaning your home or office.

We guarantee you'll be completely satisfied with every carpet clean of your house. If not, just let us know and we'll put it right within few days. We guarantee it. We don't charge anything extra from you. If not, we full fill our full money back guarantee and you won't need to pay a cent for our service that we provided.

  • Do I receive your offer in writing or an written estimate?

Most carpet cleaning services will give you a free written quote or estimate. Don’t hire anyone who doesn’t offer this service. Bait-and-switch is a form of fraud used in retail sales, unfortunately some have fallen victim of unethical practices. You want to know how much you will be spending before a job begins to avoid any unforeseen costs in the future.

We provide an email or printed estimate in advance, we don’t use any bait-and-switch tactics.  We provide you with upfront prices for the items to be cleaned or the areas to be cleaned so that you can have peace of mind.

  • What type of cleaning methods and equipment you use?

A legitimate carpet cleaning service will employ the use of a powerful cleaning unit. A truckmounted boiler and a powerful commercial wet vacuum system and high pressure pump. Anything less than a powerful commercial machine may be no more effective than a typical wet vacuum cleaner.

We have powerful cleaning machines, truck mounted (imported LPG fired) steam unit, capable of producing continues high flow steam, 120 Degrees Celsius.  Only select few carpet cleaning service providers have such capabilities, some major companies may use truck mount but their units are not capable of producing continues high flow steam. Our steam unit temperature can be adjusted according to the fabric or surface we clean, in order to achieve maximum cleaning and sanitizing.  Pure steam itself is a powerful cleaner; it is very effective, green and totally safe & eco-friendly.

  • Are your technicians are experienced, trained and certified?

If a technician is experienced for many years, he will be more than capable of knowing what he is doing.  If a technician is well certified, he or she has received extensive hands-on training and have been tested. If a carpet cleaning service doesn’t require their technicians to be certified, consider looking elsewhere. 

Our technicians have many years of experience, very well trained and certified. Will come to you in uniform and always display good manners.

  •  Can you provide references from satisfied clients?

Any seasoned, quality carpet cleaning service should be able to provide references from past clients. Before hiring a service, ask if they can provide contact information for past or current clients who are willing to speak openly about their experiences with the company.

We have been blessed with many satisfied and happy clients, those who loyally stick with us.  And most of them are more than happy to give you a reference at your request.  We value our reputation more than anything, it is our moto.

  • What if you break something in my house? Are you properly insured?

Ask for the details of their insurance policies and also ask them what happens if something inside your home is broken, misplaced or goes missing. It's important you're comfortable going forward, knowing that everything inside your home is covered should any accident occur.

With us, you can rest assured knowing that every member of the ApexClean team entering your home is fully covered by the most comprehensive policy in the industry.  We take at most care in and around your home, so likely there won’t be any issue.  But if anything happens, we are insured to cover it.

If you find answers to these questions and do a little extra care to get a good quality carpet cleaning company, you won’t be outsmarted by any carpet cleaning salesman just trying only to clean out your wallet.

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Wet or Dry Carpet Cleaning Safe and Eco-friendly

Our high quality safe and green carpet cleaning solutions and rinsing detergents are engineered for most delicate pets and children. Call us for professional Wet or Dry Carpet Cleaning in west Auckland to treat & Restore your carpets as if they were our own, with much care.

professional carpet steam cleaning West Auckland

HARNESS THE POWER OF STEAM CARPET CLEANING. Steam is natural, it leaves no toxic residues, it kills well known bacteria such as e-coli, listeria, and salmonella. Book a professional carpet steam cleaning West Auckland - ApexClean for environmentally friendly carpet cleaning and sanitation.

Steam Carpet Cleaning Auckland Deals

Our premium professional Steam carpet cleaning service is now more attractive to our clients because we treat your carpet odor for Free and deodorize it for free! Yes, it is true, we deodorize and treat your carpet spots for FREE! Call us now to find our amazing Affordable & Cheapest carpet cleaning Auckland deals.

Carpet Steamer

Find out just why it's called "the Best Carpet Cleaner in Auckland”, and enjoy the most beautifully cleaned, sanitized and deodorized carpet and upholstery

3 Rooms from $99

Clean | Steam | Sanitize | Deodorize

Carpet cleaning service Auckland

Apex Carpet Cleaners Auckland brings you state-of-the-art equipment and an up-to-the-minute cleaning system that will make your home or business sparkle! You will love the results our Professional Carpet Steam Cleaning provides, removing dirt, soil, allergens and thoroughly reviving your carpet. If you need carpet repairing, deodorizing, stain removal or stain-resistant protective coating applications, we can do that too!

Couch, Upholstery & Furniture Cleaning Service Auckland

At ApexClean, The Best Upholstery Cleaning Auckland, we use the best steam extraction methods to clean your dull and dingy furnishings.  We clean and sanitize your most used upholstery, resulting in a brighter look that will give your furnishings a whole new lease on life.  Call us for a professional upholstery, couch, sofa, lounge suite or any other furniture cleaning and sanitation jobs.

Mattress Cleaning Auckland

At Carpet Cleaning Auckland – ApexClean, we offer professional mattress steam cleaning. Microscopic dust mites, dead skin, dust and arachnids will end up on your mattress no matter how careful you are. Studies show that almost one half of all homes have enough dust mites in their mattresses to cause allergens which lead to allergies. In order to effectively control allergic and asthma reactions you should consider cleaning your mattress regularly at least once in every 2 to 3 years.

Get the Best Carpet Cleaner

ApexClean Carpet Cleaning Auckland is best rated for it's professional, affordable and eco-friendly steam carpet cleaning.  Our friendly, knowledgeable and professional staff is here to help you with your carpet cleaning needs.


At ApexClean, we look after your area rugs just as professionally as we do your carpets. We use a hot-water extraction method that provides the extra-special care your rugs deserve. Our cleaning method is gentle but at the same time thorough, highly effective and recommended by all the major rug manufactures.

Carpet Steam Clean – ApexClean is one of the surest ways to ensure clean and sanitary conditions for your family, guests or patients.

Carpet Steain Removal Auckland

Accidents are bound to happen! But if you get a spill on your rug or carpet, don’t take any risks by trying to treat it yourself – you could end up making it far worse! Call in the professionals at Apex Stain Removal Auckland.

We can remove some of the toughest stains imaginable: blood stains, red wine stains, curry stains, sauce stains, cola or fizzy drink stains, pet stains, urine stains, to mention just a few! In fact, we have many happy customers, who can vouch for our excellent and successful stain removal treatments.

Pest Control Auckland

Pest Control Auckland

Carpet Cleaners Auckland – ApexClean is a leading provider in pest control and protection services for residential and commercial customers. Our experience and knowledge is second-to-none. We offer friendly, timely and professional pest control for all types of pests. We take a “personal and tailored to suite your needs” approach to pest control, and look at each job as the most important one of the day!

Why Carpet Cleaning Auckland - ApexClean?

We have Highly Trained Technician with Right Tools to perform the toughest job. At Apex-Clean carpet cleaning in Auckland, we have well trained technicians. Our technicians have received both training and experience to perform the job. Our tools are second to none. We use smart carpet extraction machines along with best cleaning agents and solutions. For example, we use Rotovac rotary machine wand to get the best output.

Carpet Cleaning Lady

Carpet cleaning Auckland - About Us

We are locally owned and operated, and immensely proud of the fact that we have been serving Auckland successfully for the last 5 years. We have built a loyal following with our customers. Our aim is to provide affordable, professional and eco-friendly service. We want to be your go-to cleaning guy who understands your needs and provides you with personalized care. Call us now for a free quote!

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