Water Damage and Flood Restoration

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Water damage and Flood Restoration

Flood can affect your home or at business premises. Such a situation a Water Damage Restoration companies’ priority is to revive the affected property to its original condition as quickly as possible.  The firm should act in an orderly fashion to minimize  or avoid any secondary damage, with efficiency and with the minimum disruption. If not properly handled, water damage or flood may worsen the integrity of your property and can have structural instability. Water damage and flood damage restoration operation isn’t handled by expert technicians from flood damage management it can add further damage and havoc.

The leading causes of water damage are: water heaters, laundry machines, toilets, broken construction, faulty pipes and flood water intrusion.

Flooding and its after effects are highly traumatic. Most of the people don’t have any prior plan what so ever to combat any such unpredictable scenarios.

Any time a structure gets wet, health hazards increases exponentially. The building itself can collapse if damage is not properly addressed and rectified on time.

Carpet mold and mildew spores may germinate, bacterium begins to multiply and viruses become active. In a couple of days from the damage has taken place, the surroundings generally changes dramatically for the worst, if untrated.

Some things aren’t obvious or seen to naked eyes when it comes to water damage!

When it comes to flood, seeing can be deceiving.

How is that? People think water always drains and flows down to the lowest available level, so they make some openings to make sure water flows through it. It is true in many cases but here come the fun stuff, have you ever realized water can climb up? Especially, through your walls. Water can even rise up to the highest points of the wall through narrow or microscopic capillaries inside the wall. It is similar to a tree carries the water to its leaves. Such capillary actions can cause “wicking” to your wall.

Here I am trying to give you some tips to help you to deal with flood damage. After a flood you should proactively take necessary steps in order to prevent any further damage to your property. Generally, at the initial stage, flood might damage not the structure, but the surface. You can take necessary precautions to prevent any additional structural damage.

Water Damage Wall Restoration

As we discussed above flood water can climb up, especially through the wall materials.

You might need to consider, removing the existing insulation and putting the new one back.   There is water resistant insulation are available, such as prayed polyurethane foam insulation. Fiberglass insulation are more prone to water damage and water absorption.

Gypsum boards are generally dry up and can reuse. But you may need to reinstall any corner boards (plastic or wooden) or damaged ones. You may consider repainting the damaged surface in whole or partial. There is Gypsum Boards, which is non-paper skin, reduces the potential water absorption and thereby mold growth.

Water damaged floor cleaning.

It is better to replace any water damaged floor coverings. Carpet underlay and sub-floors will stay wet for weeks or maybe months, even if they’ll feel dry on the top surface.  If you are using carpet, you may need to replace carpet padding (Same is true with vinyl, you should consider replacing the back padding). Whatever the flooring, it is always impotent to check whether there is water trapped inside the floor covering. If water is inside the covering, floor covering (carpet or vinyl etc.) should be stripped and make sure to dry underneath first. . If carpets are in good condition, you should consider getting it professionally cleaned so that you can reuse it. When cleaning the carpet or other floor, cleaners will take extra care to prevent or treat mold, fungus or microorganism growth. It may need to deodorize the area. It is essential to help the drying process using air movers or other drying techniques available.

Water Damage Contractors

Water damage or flood is not that simple to deal with, it is really a daunting task. If you come across such a difficult situation, you might consult a professional water damage restoration firm to deal with situation.

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