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Do you want to save your investment and carpets or upholstery? Book Carpet Cleaning Laingholm, Auckland  date and call for a free quote.

We offer our Professional Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning Services to all Domestic or Commercial Customers, Homes, Tenants, Offices, Real estate Agents etc. Our carpet steam cleaners can handle without any problem with all kinds of textile flooring – from wall to wall to Persian and Oriental Rugs.



hours: 8am-8pm

Commercial & Residential Carpet Cleaning Laingholm

ApexClean Upholstery & Carpet Cleaners offers professional carpet cleaning services in Auckland to keep your carpets and upholstery in best condition. We provide top quality carpet cleaning ApexClean Carpet Cleaning. Our cleaning quick, eco-friendly, we have good experience cleaning all types of carpets.  Also we offer premium services to provide the best quality of cleaning for your special and comfortable home. We use professional carpet cleaning machines including machines from windsor and Rotovac. Don`t cut the corners but clean it and treat the spots and stains on the carpet.

Upholstery Cleaning Laingholm

Our knowledgeable, skilled and uniformed personnel have plenty of expertise as super dirt fighting force. We operate calmly and gently, we’ll focus on carrying out the work by wrestling against filth, grime, pollen and microorganism. Ultimately this helps your home or workplace looking fresh, spotless and wonderful. Whether you own a highly soiled carpeting, furniture or rug our team has an excellent wealth of expertise in removing out the hardest staining. To find out regarding our Carpet stain Removal, Odor Control, Environment friendly Cleaning talk to us right now.

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