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Super Fast Steam Clean


Using a powerful truck-mounted steamer and extraction machine, we can clean every inch of your facility. Improves the cleanliness of your facility, enhancing your image, safety, and prolong your floor care investment. Protect your carpet investment with Scotchgard™ carpet protector to prevent future spots and spills from settling in.

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Commercial & Residential Carpet Cleaning Oratia

ApexClean Upholstery & Carpet Cleaners belives, a custom-made plan is best suited for a company, and a certified firm like ApexClean can make sure to incorporate these processes in a schedule we build for the clienst.Our knowledgeable, skilled and uniformed personnel have plenty of expertise as super dirt fighting force. We operate calmly and gently, we’ll focus on carrying out the work by wrestling against filth, grime, pollen and microorganism. Ultimately this helps your home or workplace looking fresh, spotless and wonderful. Whether you own highly soiled carpeting, furniture or rug our team has an excellent wealth of expertise in removing out the hardest staining. To find out regarding our Carpet stain Removal, Odor Control, Environment friendly Cleaning talk to us right now.

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning ApexClean provide regular carpet care program, we assist to make certain your carpeting and upholstery investment is looked after for a long term. By regular and systematic cleaning employing the finest techniques and technology, we provide help to uphold your image, put softness back into your carpet and essentially prolong the lifespan of your carpet. Whether it’s regular care or an annual cleaning, we go the extra mile to get your carpets looking their finest.

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