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Window Cleaning Auckland Apex-Clean


Affordable, Professional & Eco-friendly

When your relatives and friends view at the outside of your property, precisely what opinion would it make? Physical appearance is significant. Besides visual appeal, it boosts your self-esteem. Regular Professional Window Cleaning assists to last your windows for very long and thereby saves your money and time.

Great Reviews

We’re one of the most widely respected and trusted CARPET CLEANERS IN AUCKLAND. Proof of our highly professional carpet steam cleaning is well testified in the Tradme and Google review section

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Amazing Results

Can’t stand the look of those dingy carpets anymore? Call Carpet Steam Cleaning Auckland – ApexClean Now! We professionally restore, sanitize and deodorize your carpet by our ultra steam cleaning

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Professional Care

When choosing a cleaning company for your carpets or area rugs or upholstery, the reputation of the carpet cleaning company is one of the most important things to consider. We are proud of our stellar reputation.

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hours: 8am-8pm

Pet & Child Safe

Our high quality safe and green carpet cleaning solutions and rinsing detergents are engineered for most delicate pets and children. We will treat your carpets as if they were our own, with much care

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Sanitize with Steam

HARNESS THE POWER OF STEAM CLEAN CARPET. Steam is natural, it leaves no toxic residues, it kills well known bacteria such as e-coli, listeria, and salmonella. Our carpet cleaning is environmentally friendly as well

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Free Treatments

Our premium carpet cleaning service is now more attractive to our clients because we treat your carpet odor for Free and deodarize it for free! Yes, it is true, we deodorize and treat your carpet spots for FREE!

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Spotless Window Cleaning

ApexClean is happy to clean your windows if you have four windows or forty. We focuses in squeaky-clean window cleaning service. Have you ever realized how delicate Windows are? We do take care of it. Many clean their windows casually without much thinking. Later they end up having regrets as they dame their windows permanently. It may cause less attractive windows. ApexClean Window Washing offers professional sparkle window clean!

We can clean the exterior and/or interior of your windows. When you hire us to clean your windows from the inside, we will treat your home with respect. We will never leave any mess for you to clean up after us.

Do you know a dirt-free window tends to collect far less dirt? It is important to have professional cleaning solution and cleaning tools. In addition, an experienced professional cleaner have the experience that cannot so easily be acquired.

Please give us a call to discuss your window cleaning needs.

Whenever a potential client glances at the outside of your small business, specifically what impact would it make? What does it say about your retail outlet when they are taking a look at your display through unclean windows. Visual appearance and public perception is critical. Dirty windows do not motivate consumer confidence. This is the reason why clean windows are essential to people who run businesses, such as yourself. Absolutely everyone loves clean windows for raising the esthetics of a property.A person with a bucket and squeegee can easily be named as a window cleaner. Ask questions before you hire just anyone. You need a professional, who have experience, tools and trained properly to avoid many potential mishaps. A true professional will make sure your windows are not only clean, but keeps it fresh and like brand new.

Streak-free Window Cleaning

Client's Feedback

Jiji George

“ApexClean Carpet Cleaning Auckland – done a great job. The carpet stains are all removed and looks as new. I was about spend on a new carpet, but he saved my old carpet and money!!!”


Sandeep Vankadari

“Carpet cleaning by Apex was great. I called in on a short notice having another work ahead he still came early morning and did a great job. I would surely recommend anytime to get Mr. Bency for my friends. His work was spotless.”


Melanie McVeigh

“Exceptional service. Quick to respond, friendly and helpful. We now have thoroughly cleaned carpet. I especially like that it’s low odour, and that the wash is eco-friendly. Highly recommend Carpet Cleaning Auckland – ApexClean!”

Scarlett Li

“The Carpet cleaning service from ApexClean is great and the service man is such a nice guy who gives us advice on carpet maintenance. We are very happy to see how clean our carpet is after the cleaning. We definitely will use this service again !!!”

Bryan Hessian

“Recently we employed the services of Apex Carpet Cleaning to clean our carpets at Stonefields school. we were very satisfied with the results also with the attitude of the crew and the way the work was carried out. The price was good and i would recommend Apex to anyone!!!”

Melanie McVeigh

“Carpet cleaning Apex done a great job. Lovely clean – carpet and rugs smells great too – all stains removed. thank you!”